What’s On the Ballot

2024 is an important year for our democracy, where we’ll be voting for President and Senator in Ohio, as well as Statehouse candidates across the region and County Commissioners. In addition, there is an effort through Citizens Not Politicians to put a ballot initiative up for vote in November that would create a citizen-led commission to create fair maps in Ohio. So we have a lot at stake. Signatures have been turned over to the Secretary of State, and we’ll update when the ballot initiative is confirmed and an issue number is assigned.

With the primary over, we now have a complete slate of candidates for President, Senator, 8th Congressional District, State Representative and State Senator, as well as two candidates for Butler County Commissioner.

The party encourages you to support the following candidates:

The map below shows an outline of the districts in Butler County. To see results based on your specific address, go to https://findmydistrict.ohiosos.gov/.

How can you help?

In 2023, we saw what a difference voter outreach can make. In 2024, we’ll need as many volunteers as possible to help us have a strong performance in Butler County again! We need to knock as many doors as we can, reach out via postcards and phone calls, and pass out cards at polling locations to make sure we’re getting the word out to as many voters as possible. 

We want to know how you would like to help us out this year. Please complete this form about volunteer activities leading up to the November election. This covers all 2024 campaign activities, from circulating redistricting petitions to Election Day activities.

And please visit Mobilize to see upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

Opportunities in Butler County:

  • Sign up for a canvass
  • Early vote poll standing
  • Virtual phone banks
  • Writing postcards
  • Mine+9: multiply your vote
  • Yard signs
  • Volunteer on a committee
  • Support BCDP fundraisers

Show your neighbors in Butler County that you support Democratic Candidates and Values (like getting rid of gerrymandering in Ohio) by requesting yard signs. Volunteers will deliver the signs as they are available (later summer/early fall).

And please consider making a donation to offset the cost of the signs here: 2024 Butler County Dems Yard Sign Fund.

To support the ongoing efforts of Butler County Democratic Party and our work to elect Democratic Candidates in Butler County and Ohio, please donate here. And please consider making a donation to offset the cost of the signs here: 2024 Butler County Dems Yard Sign Fund.

The first step in getting people out to vote in 2024 is making sure that people are registered. This is something that everyone can help with. Talk with your neighbors, friends and family. Know a family with a young adult who will be 18 before the election? Or have neighbors who just moved to your neighborhood? Use our Voter Registration Toolkit to help make sure they are registered.

Please note: Secretary of State Frank LaRose is also actively working to purge voters from the rolls prior to the November election. If you have received a notice in the mail, please make sure you update your registration. But you can also check the Registration Readiness site to see if your registration is scheduled to be removed, and learn how to make sure you keep your status as a registered voter. You can also check your registration, as well as confirm your Ohio House District and view sample ballot PDFs on the Butler County Board of Elections site.

You must be registered by October 7 to vote in this election. To check your registration status, visit  https://elections.bcohio.gov/am_i_registered/index.php. This takes just a minute, and you can update your voter registration online from here as well.

All Ohio voters are eligible to vote by mail. In order to do so you must complete an application.

Applications must be requested no later than October 29. If you plan on voting absentee, we suggest requesting your ballot as soon as possible.

All mail in ballots must be postmarked and mailed by November 4th. You may drop them off at the board of elections by 7:30pm on Election Day.

Don’t Forget Your Identification

  • Unexpired Ohio driver’s license or state issued ID with your current address. Includes paper interim driver’s license.
  • Valid Military ID
  • US Passport

If you don’t have a photo ID, make a plan now to get one. Go to the Ohio BMV website to make a plan to get your free photo ID.

For a complete list, please visit the Ohio Secretary of State’s site.

Early Voting Starts October 8th!

  • Weekdays October 8th-October 19th 8:00am – 5:00pm
  • Weekdays October 21st-October 25th 8:00am – 6:00pm
  • Saturday October 26th 8:00am-4:00pm
  • Sunday October 27th 1:00pm-5:00pm
  • Monday October 28th 7:30am – 7:30pm
  • Tuesday October 29th 7:30am – 8:30pm
  • Wednesday-Friday October 30th-November 1st 7:30am – 7:30pm
  • Saturday November 2nd 8:00am – 4:00pm
  • Sunday November 3rd 1:00pm – 5:00pm

All early voting takes place at the Butler County Board of Elections:
1802 Princeton Road, Suite 600
Hamilton, OH 45011
(Click for map)

November 5 6:30am – 7:30pm

Polling locations commonly change. Save time and don’t end up at the wrong place by checking your polling location.

Running into problems?

If you’re having any problems at all, there are people that can help. Don’t let troubles take away your right to exercise your vote. Instead contact one of the following:

  • Butler County Board Of Elections: (513) 887-3700
  • Democratic National Committee Voter Hotline: 1-833-DEM-VOTE (1-833-336-8683)
  • Ohio Secretary of State: (877) SOS-OHIO  (767-6446)
  • Ohio Voter Assistance Hotline: (844)-OH-I-VOTE (644-8683)

Do not hesitate to call any of the numbers above to get the help you need. It is your right to vote.

Election Integrity

Have questions on exactly what happens with your ballot? Don’t listen to just anyone. We have a presentation by Eric Corbin, the deputy director of Butler County Board of Elections to tell you all you need to know.