Meet the Candidate: Landon Meador 45th District Ohio State Representative 

OH-45 (West Chester, Fairfield, Okeana, Ross and Morgan)


My name is Landon Meador, I was born and raised right here in West Chester. I have spent many years of my life focused on mental health advocacy and innovative economic groups. My true passion is through helping people. For too long Ohioans have received the short end of the stick and it is showing with our current State Representative. I am determined to fight for those who have been left behind and advance our state to the next level. I am driven by the morals I believe every office holder should possess which includes accountability, transparency and grit. I am the only candidate in this race who is ready to stand up for reproductive and medical freedoms, ensuring that our students have access to the same educational standards, the violations from our corrupt Statehouse, and protecting our incredible small business community.


Education is one of my biggest priorities, I believe that every child in Ohio deserves the same access and opportunity to succeed academically. I believe that we need to do more to protect our students, ensuring that they have the best possible resources that position them to excel– with the erasure of the state’s Department of Education we have seen that children are no longer a priority to the Right. I believe that every family has the right to make the best academic decisions for their children however, sending your child to a private school should not impact the taxpayers with tuition and budgetary spending. School Choice is something that lacks transparency from the State’s leadership and that is where the issues begin.

Corruption has run rampant through the State House for far too long. Ohioans have been cornered into a messy corruption scheme that results in millions of taxpayer dollars spent to bail out an out-of-state entity. This is just scratching the surface of the mess everyday citizens have been left to pay the price for. Gerrymandering of the state is another massive issue, with the Super Majority allowed to dictate what voices can be heard— this is not fair to Ohioans. It is well within our given and inalienable rights to have our voices heard, regardless of what “side” someone is on.

This state was once a place with the opportunity to flourish inside numerous industries for employment but after nearly two decades of a corrupt self-serving Super Majority has halted that completely. We must continue to bring business into the Buckeye State, that will bring good-paying jobs into our districts. I believe in protecting Worker’s Rights and protecting our small businesses. Ohio has nearly a million small businesses that have built and provided for our economy. As businesses around the United States continue to close, I believe Columbus should be focused on making Ohio a business-friendly state and we must invest back in blue-collar jobs, along with jobs of the future. If we can build a strong, thriving business scene like we once had, we can build our retention numbers by keeping Ohioans within the state borders.

The ongoing mental health crisis has cost the lives of too many Ohioans. People need access to affordable healthcare that allows them to put their best foot forward. The stigma surrounding a very real epidemic needs to dissolve, and our leaders have failed to move it. Our legislators took an oath to protect the wellness of Ohioans and they have failed to do just that. I believe that by treating mental health conditions, we will see a decrease in substance abuse, suicide rates, and family problems — but we have to start by trying to solve the problem. We cannot kick the can down the road any longer.


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