Meet the Candidate: Vanessa Cummings 47th District Ohio State Representative

OH-47 (Oxford, Hamilton, Fairfield Township)


I am running to represent the voices of the people. Voters want transparency in government, to know what legislation is being proposed and how it will impact them. They want a representative who will listen to them and who will stand up and speak up for them and be their voice in the House. I am running to be your voice and to work for you because you have a right to be heard and represented by someone who is committed to the people and not politics.


Education – Politicians must cease interfering in our educational systems. Educators and parents, NOT politicians, should determine the curriculum for K-12; and academic freedom must be returned to higher education institutions. Our children deserve access to the best education. De-funding public education through vouchers that take tax payer dollars away from public schools is not the way to help our children and it undermines public education. Schools cannot improve with less resources. The true history of our country and inclusiveness and acceptance of all people must be included and encouraged.

Healthcare – We must assure that everyone has access to affordable healthcare including mental health and substance use care. Physicians must be able to provide care without fear of prosecution and without having to consult the latest laws to determine whether they can provide the care their patients need. Families must be able to make medical decisions without fear of denial of care due to laws that prohibit them from receiving the care they need. NO ONE should have their medical care decisions determined by politicians instead of their doctors.

Transparency – I will ensure that your voice is heard. You will be kept informed about legislation and how it may impact you and your community. I will also be available to you through town halls and other meetings. My office will be YOUR office.

Economy – We must increase the number of people in the workforce. In many industries, the unemployment rate is unacceptable. Businesses that come to Ohio need to offer living wages and know that they will have people available to hire. Pro-Business also means being pro-worker and pro-family, and attracting clean and green businesses to our state. In order to build our local and state economies, we need to support diverse businesses including locally owned.

Environment and the Arts – Climate change is real. The arts provide a way to support clean transportation through bike routes and art sculptures that double as bike racks or seating areas. The use of recycled products for mulching or for art creation, for example, are ways to support the environment and the arts. We must think creatively on ways to re-use and recycle to reduce what goes into our landfills.


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