Butler County Dems Welcome Judge Lisa Forbes to Party Meeting

BCDP was pleased to welcome Judge Lisa Forbes to our party meeting on June 20. Judge Forbes is a candidate for the Ohio Supreme Court this November. Electing her and re-electing Justices Michael P. Donnelly and Justice Melody Stewart would swing the Supreme Court in Ohio from the current conservative majority.

Judge Forbes has been traveling across the state to talk with voters about the importance of this election in terms of preserving our democracy, and why she is running.

“The idea of the aspiration of change and the hope that comes with it is really why I’m running for Ohio Supreme Court. I want to do my part to make sure that the Supreme Court is a firewall to protect our democracy and to protect the rule of law. It seems like that’s an obvious statement. But in these times, in this day and age, when everything is called into question, that notion of how our democracy is set up is also called into question. And in particular I’m talking about when we hear people in the halls of power in Columbus saying things like ‘oh we’re just going to work around the reproductive freedom amendment’ or ‘we’re just going to avoid it’ or, as we know they’re doing in the legislature, ‘we’re not going to do anything to implement it’. We’re going to leave all the statutes on the books and just see what happens.”

Judge Forbes has been a lawyer for 32 years, and was in practice for 27 years. But in looking at what she wanted the last chapter of her career to look like, she wanted to do something more impactful and public service was the answer. She is deeply committed to community and to what she believes is everyone’s obligation to make their communities a positive experience for everyone. 

The Butler County Dems encourages voters to support Judge Lisa Forbes and the other justices running in 2024. To let us know how you’d like to participate in this election cycle, please fill out our volunteer survey.