Health Care: An Issue that Binds Us

The Health Care System’s Current Status Health care in the United States is an issue with serious ethical and financial impacts at the national, corporate, and individual levels. It is a difficult issue to understand because of its complexity, lack … Read More

We the People

Our nation’s political history began as opposition to the policies of eighteenth century European monarchies. The American colonists considered these governments and officials to be tyrannical and authoritarian. The Declaration of Independence, considered America’s mission statement, pronounced to the world … Read More

The Donkey in the Room

We’ve all been in that awkward situation. You’re having a holiday dinner at your in-law’s house, or having coffee with friends on a Saturday morning. Somebody brings up politics. And that somebody has very different opinions than you. What do … Read More

How YOU Can Turn Butler Blue!

The Butler County Democratic Party is a grassroots organization made up of volunteers from local towns and communities.  No one affiliated with the party is a paid employee including the Chair, Officers, Regional Chairs, office volunteers, or anyone in any … Read More