Butler County Welcomes Cheryl Stephens at Fall Reception

Saturday October 22, BCDP was proud to host our Fall Reception at The Benison in Hamilton. The evening was a great opportunity for Dems to clean up after many spent the day canvassing, and relax with a glass of wine while discussing the beautiful fall weather and the upcoming election.

Nominee for Lieutenant Governor, Cheryl Stephens, joined us after a busy day starting with the kickoff of our Canvassing Bonanza weekend and canvassing. Stephens encouraged everyone to use their vote to elect candidates who will work to improve school funding, to make sure that all Ohioans have a living wage, and to ensure choice is an option for women in Ohio.

Stephens was introduced by candidate for the Statehouse in the 47th District, Sam Lawrence. Stephens congratulated Lawrence on his outstanding campaign, and for stepping up to represent the people of Ohio.

Stephens ended her words by reminding the crowd that the DNC is not going to swoop in to save Ohio, so we all need to make sure that we are working hard to get out the vote these last few weeks. And we should also not be discouraged by polls that we see. Voters win elections, not polls.

The funds raised from this event are going directly to supporting our GOTV efforts, including direct mail campaigns targeted to inform voters of Roger Reynolds’ indictments as well as reminding people of the slate of candidates and voting, as well as digital ads, including digital billboards across the county.

Thank you to all those who attended the event, as well as those who supported with donations. We’d also like to thank the fundraising committee for planning the event: Brittany Maloney, Sue Fuson, Lori Parks, Alyssa Louagie, Linda Spurrier, Pam Gattermeyer and Amanda Schuster. Plans are already starting for our 2023 fundraising events. If you’d like to join the committee, please contact brittany@butlercountydems.org.