Your 100 Day Action Plan

100 days may seem like a long time. And while your first thought may be “election day can’t get here quickly enough!”, this hundred days will go by much quicker than you think.

With 100 days left, what can you do to make a difference in the 2020 election? Normally at this point in the election cycle, people would be knocking doors and going to rallies. This election cycle may be different, but there is still plenty to do. Below are some items you can start doing today.

Check voter registration

If you’re reading this, there’s a high likelihood that you are a registered voter. But it never hurts to check. This is especially important if you have moved or changed your name since the last time you voted. On the Butler County Board of Elections site, you can search for your registration and confirm status, as well as find instructions on updating your registration. You can also register if you find that you are not registered. And just make sure you register or update by October 5, the registration deadline for the November election.

Encourage others to register

Your registration is up to date. Have you talked to your friends and family and encouraged them to update their registration? Do you know any teenagers turning 18 prior to the election? Be sure to talk about this and point people in the correct direction for registering or updating their registration. And if you are interested in doing more, BCDP is having Activist training in early August for people interested in joining our Voter Registration Team. This virtual training will show you the ins and outs of how to register voters, safely. Check out the Events page for more information on the training and to register.

Make a voting plan

Right now, we are expecting mail-in voting, early voting and in-person voting on Election Day. Which one of these options fits best for you? 

If you are at high-risk for Covid, or perhaps a college student who will be away on Election day, you may already know that mail-in voting is your best option. The deadline to request an absentee ballot is three days prior to the election (subject to change). But there is no reason to wait. You’ve all seen the graph about flattening the curve with Covid infections. But you can also flatten the ballot request curve as well. If you are sure that you want to vote absentee, there is no reason to delay. Find the information on absentee voting on the Secretary of State’s website. Print the request form and return it to the BOE headquarters (either mail or drop-off in the secure dropbox). You’ll receive your ballot in early October in the first mailing, and help out the BOE by giving them more time to fulfill your request.

Prefer to vote in person? That’s fine. Early voting will begin on October 6 for the November election, and we’ll post the details closer to the election. You can also vote on November 3, but voting early will help reduce the lines and the congestion for what is expected to be a big election day.

Volunteer as a Poll Worker

One way you can help ensure that people are able to vote is to volunteer as a Poll Worker. Many traditional poll workers are people who may be at a higher infection risk, and may choose not to volunteer this year. If you are lower risk and comfortable to volunteer, please consider signing up to work on Election day. You’ll find that this can be very fulfilling, as you’re helping make Election day possible. And you might even have a little fun. Find out more on the BOE site. 

Show your support

There are a number of ways to show your support for the candidates. Yard signs, shirts and bumper stickers are all a way to do this. 

BCDP is purchasing Biden for President yard signs that will be available for no charge  and will be delivered to your home. If you’d like to help fund the effort, you can donate here. You can also request a yard sign to be delivered (delivery will be in late August, details to follow). 

Yard signs are also available for our local candidates:

Vanessa Enoch
Kathy Wyenandt
Michelle Novak
Morgan Showen

Volunteer for a candidate

Candidates are always looking for people who can help them out. This help ranges from phone banking, texting, distributing yard signs, hosting events, donating items to help at the office, and yes, donating funds. If you have time to donate, your candidates can use your help. Links below will take you the websites for each candidate where you can learn more about their platforms, donate, or volunteer to help out:

Joe Biden
Vanessa Enoch
Kathy Wyenandt
Michelle Novak
Chuck Horn
Morgan Showen

If you’re looking to get started this week, there is a virtual phone bank opportunity this week and next in the Greater Cincinnati area promoting mail-in voting and building enthusiasm for Democratic candidates up and down the ballot! Sign up here.

Is that all?
Not at all. In the next 100 days, follow BCDP on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, sign up for our newsletter or visit our website. As we work with our Ohio Democratic Party Field Organizer, Joshua Ferneding, we’ll be scheduling other activities, and will make those known via our social media and website.