Living Our Values: Help the Food Insecure in Butler County

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a challenging year. Shutdowns due to the Covid-19 started in March, just one week after the Butler County Democratic Party Gala. Little did we know as we were talking about the 2020 election year just how much the world would change. With the shutdowns, we’ve seen record unemployment, with over 40 million unemployment claims by the end of May. 

Many of these job losses have hit the most vulnerable populations the hardest. In addition, during the full closures, many food banks have struggled with donations. This has caused a double whammy for people looking to feed their families.

So what can we — as Democrats in Butler County — do to help? Well, we can start by living our values. And among these values, we believe in a society that puts the health, safety and prosperity of its citizens first. So for the next month, we are going to feature food banks in Butler County, and encourage those who can to donate. Where available, we’ll provide links where you can donate online. If you prefer not to donate online, you can contact the Party, and we’ll pick up a check and deliver it to the selected agency. 

We’ll also encourage you to share this information with your network of friends. This is not a political issue. This is a human issue. 

And lastly, if you or someone you know is in need of these services, we hope you’ll learn a little more about organizations that can help you.

Our featured organizations are:

  • Reach Out Lakota
  • Family Services of Middletown
  • Open Door Food Pantry of Hamilton
  • Talawanda & Oxford Pantry and Social Services

Check back throughout the month to learn more about these organizations. Or read more great content like this when you sign up for our weekly newsletter.