Candidates Need Your Help

Volunteers are needed

Since Ohio Governor Mike DeWine issued the Stay At Home order, candidates running for elected office are having a difficult time recruiting volunteers, getting their message out to the voters of Butler County and soliciting donations.  When they can’t meet face-to-face it complicates the process.  That’s where great rank and file Democrats like us can help in a big way.

There is plenty of volunteering that can be done from the comfort of your own home. So whether you have a lot of time or just a little, you can make a big difference in the success of our local campaigns in November.  Contact one of these campaigns from the information listed below to let them know you are interested in volunteering. Then, there is just one more thing, BRING A FRIEND!  Virtual get-togethers are all the rage.  Just ask your kids.  See you on the web.  And thanks.

OH 8th Congressional District

Dr. Vanessa Enoch: To contribute to Vanessa Enoch’s campaign for the 8th U.S. visit her Donation Page on her website.  For volunteer information and to donate, go to

4th Ohio Senate District

Kathy Wyenandt: To contribute to Kathy Wyenandt’s campaign for the 4th Ohio Senate, write your check to “Friends of Kathy Wyenandt” and send it to   Kathy for Ohio P.O. Box 1030 Hamilton, OH 45012. Online go to: Or you can simply use and click the donate button.

52nd Ohio State House District

Chuck Horn: For more information go to or to contribute to his campaign for the 52nd Ohio House, go to

53rd Ohio State House District

Michelle Novak: For more information on Michelle Novak’s campaign for the 53rd Ohio House, check out her website and Facebook page. To contribute by check, write your check to Friends of Michelle Novak and send it to: Friends of Novak, 4319 Pennswood Dr, Middletwon, OH 45402. To contribute online go to her website at Her Facebook page is