2020 Primary Election Results: On to the Fall

The Ohio Primary this year may have felt like the election cycle that would never end. With early voting starting on February 18, the March 17 primary halted with poll closures the night before and then the mail-in primary rescheduled for April 28, both candidates and voters have been looking forward to this closure for some time. 

This election eve was different from what we’ve seen before, with virtual election night parties replacing in-person gatherings across the state. The Ohio Democratic Party hosted an online party on Zoom and Facebook live with ODP Chair David Pepper being joined by special guests including Stacey Abrams, Eric Holder, Amy Klobuchar, State Supreme Court Candidates John P. O’Donnell and Jennifer Brunner and others. He encouraged Democrats to volunteer and discussed the importance of reaching out to your own network of voters regarding the election.

In the Presidential primary, Joe Biden was called the winner with greater than 73% of the vote at the time of this writing. While he is the presumptive nominee, the overwhelming response shows Ohio’s support for Biden. 

Many of the candidates in Butler County were running unopposed, so there weren’t many surprises. Results below show the Democratic candidates, and the Republican candidate that they will face in the fall:

  • In the county’s one contested election, Vanessa Enoch (US House of Representatives 8th District) defeated Matt Guyette. Vanessa will face Republican incumbent Warren Davidson in the race this fall.
  • Kathy Wyenandt is the candidate for the State Senate (4th District) and will face Republican George Lang.. 
  • Chuck Horn is the candidate for State House Rep (52nd District) and will face Republican Jennifer L. Gross.
  • Michelle E. Novak is the candidate for State House Rep (53rd District) and will face Republican Thomas Hall.
  • Morgan Showen is the candidate for State House Rep (54th District) and will face Paul Zeltwanger

Butler County Democratic Party Chairman Brian Hester commented on the election: “In four years, the Republican advantage in votes cast in the primary has been cut in Butler County. This fall we have great candidates like Kathy Wyenandt who are winning bipartisan support across the county. Voters know that all they can expect from Republican candidates is more of the same tired partisanship while our candidates offer a fresh new perspective that focuses on issues that affect everyone regardless of party.  This fall, voters will embrace candidates like Kathy who are a real change to the politics as usual in this county that have left us unprepared for the high unemployment we currently are seeing.”

For complete results in Butler County, including issues, visit the Butler County Board of Elections website.