Poll Greeters Needed For Election Day

Please join us on Election Day to greet voters at the polls. You can choose from four shifts throughout the day, and select a polling location near home. We do have priority polling locations, and would like people to select one of these first. But our main goal is to make sure we can talk to as many voters as possible on Tuesday.

Select your polling location from the regions below:

  • South (Fairfield City, Fairfield, Ross and Morgan Townships)
  • Central (Hamilton)
  • Northwest (Oxford City, Hanover, Reily, Milford, Oxford, Wayne and St. Clair Townships)
  • Northeast (Middletown, Trenton, Madison Township)
  • East (Liberty Township, Monroe and Lemon Township)
  • Southeast (West Chester and Sharonville precincts)

Thank you to everyone who has helped get us to November. Just a few more days for us to push through make sure voters know to vote YES on Issue 1 and for our Democratic Values Candidates.