State of the Union Watch Party Highlights

BCDP kicked off fundraising for 2022 with a State of the Union Watch Party. More than thirty supporters gathered at Grainworks Brewing Company in West Chester for an evening of catching up with friends and making new friends.

Some of our local candidates introduced themselves to the attendees. These included:

Chuck Horn running for Ohio State Representative in the 45th District. Chuck was inspired to run to bring common sense to the Statehouse and is focused on the importance of affordable healthcare, improved public education and ending the culture of corruption in Ohio government. Learn more about Chuck at ChuckForOhio.

Larry Mulligan running for Ohio State Representative in the 47th District. Larry is a teacher who is interested in free and fair elections and ending the gerrymandered districts in Ohio. He also is focused on common sense gun legislation, and is looking forward to a world in which children can focus on their education without worrying about gun violence. Learn more about Larry at MulliganForOhio.

Vanessa Enoch running for Congress. Vanessa ran in 2018 and 2020, and she does not give up! She believes that the people of Ohio deserve representation from people who understand their challenges. Affordable healthcare and child care are important issues for Vanessa, and she wants to be a legislator who will make common sense decisions for her constituents. Learn more about Vanessa at EnochForCongress.

The evening concluded with the main event, with President Joe Biden giving his first State of the Union Address. President Biden was flanked on the stage by Vice President Kamala Harris and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, an historic first. Biden spoke on the crisis in the Ukraine, the economy, the US response to Covid, and infrastructure. Ohio got a shout out for the Intel plant planned for Central Ohio. See the speech and a transcript.

President Biden ended the speech focusing on four items that he believed should receive bipartisan support:

  • Beat the opioid crisis
  • Take on mental health
  • Support our veterans
  • End cancer as we know it

We thank all who attended and supported this event. And thank you to the finance committee for planning the event: Brittany Maloney, Sue Fuson, Pam Gattermeyer, Amanda Schuster and Kathy Wyenandt.