BCDP Candidate Endorsement Standards

Endorsed vs Preferred Candidates

In partisan races, the Party shall not issue any endorsement in a contested primary, but may endorse in uncontested primaries. The use of the term “endorsed” by the BCDP for any candidate shall be restricted for use to apply to those candidates who are registered Democrats or otherwise unaffiliated who support the platform of the Democratic Party.

For all other candidates, the use of the term “preferred” shall be used by the party to designate those candidates the party may actively encourage its members and volunteers to support. This is reserved for races in which the party wishes, for strategic reasons, to be involved in a race despite not having a Democratic candidate to formally and publicly endorse. This includes non-partisan municipal elections.

In any printed or electronic campaign materials issued by the party, the BCDP Governing Board will ensure that there is a clear distinction between “endorsed” Democratic candidates and “preferred” non-Democratic candidates.

The Screening Process

The Screening Committee is composed of 5 individuals, consisting of no more than 2 elected officials (D), at least 1 former candidate, and at least 2 Democratic Party at large members.

The Political Committee’s Screening Committee shall screen candidates for recommendation beginning in the Spring, and all recommendations will be made to the BCDP Governing Board for consideration. Recommended candidates are then presented to the full Executive Committee for a final vote.

No candidates will be considered for endorsement or preferred status without first having been recommended by the Governing Board to the full body.

The Governing Board retains authority to propose case-by-case resolutions for extenuating or unique circumstances to the Executive Committee.

Factors which may be considered in the screening process:

o Whether a candidate is in good standing with the Democratic Party, has no offensive or problematic issues in a public background vetting

o The clarity of a candidate’s passion for serving, the strength of their campaign and strategic plan, and their ability to fundraise

Neither the Screening Committee, Governing Board, nor the Executive Committee shall recommend official endorsement or preference more candidates than can be elected for a given office in that election.

o A candidate must agree to the following accountability measures:
o Must communicate with the political director or a member of the political committee on a regular basis
o Must provide updated campaign materials and reports when requested.

Screening interviews will begin in the Spring of each election year and any recommendations are subject to approval by the Governing Board before presenting the Executive Committee for final approval. Endorsements may continue on a rolling basis until the election.

In turn, the Butler County Democratic Party will be a resource for the endorsed candidate. Resources may include, but not be limited to:

o Training tools and resources
o Fundraising tools and resources
o Volunteer infrastructure
o Office space at Party Headquarters
o Mentor program
o Sample ballot listing (paper and/or electronic)

o Social media promotion & Digital support

The Governing Board shall be permitted to make strategic targeting decisions on what, if any, resources, the Party shall expend or apply to further the election of any candidate that the Executive Committee has approved for formal endorsement or preference as it deems appropriate.

Post-Election Expectations:

Consistent with efforts to build the infrastructure of the Democratic Party in Butler County, the BCDP expects that endorsed or preferred candidates will share certain resources with the BCDP after the completion of the election cycle, which include but are not limited to:

  • yard sign location lists with contact information
  • volunteer lists with contact information
  • other key contacts that will aid in the development of progressive infrastructure to further the successful growth of the progressive movement in Butler County. The Butler County Democratic Party reserves the right NOT to endorse Democratic candidates.

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