Hi fellow Democrats!   Here are a few things you will want to remember for the 2020 election to help cut through the chaos!

First, check your registration now by going to   If someone in your family is NOT registered, they can register online at this site as well.   Remember, if you have a family member who is currently 17 and will be 18 by November 3, they should register now.    The last day to register for the 2020 general election is October 5.

Second, develop a voting plan.   In Ohio, you have three voting options.    

Option #1 is to vote in person on election day.   Each polling place will be following safety guidelines required by the Secretary of State, such as requiring masks and social distancing. Each polling location will also be equipped with hand sanitizer, etc.

Option #2 is in-person early voting.   This allows you to vote in person when it’s convenient for you!   There are smaller lines and voting early is quick and easy.   Early voting begins on October 6 and will only be at the Board of Elections, located at 1802 Princeton Road, Hamilton, Ohio 45011.    Early voting is during normal Board of Election business hours and will have extended hours on the two weekends before the election.   You can check the Board of Elections website for specific hours. Also, if you know who you’re voting for and you’re able, we’d suggest voting early in the early voting month. The two weekends of early voting will be busy with people who can’t vote during the week because of work or other commitments. You’ll see shorter lines if you can vote during a week day.

Option #3 is mail-in voting.   In Ohio, no special circumstances are required for you to vote by mail.   It’s quick & easy and available to any registered voter.   But there are special rules (and advantages) you should know about as.

First, to cast your ballot by mail, you will need to complete an application to cast your ballot using this method.   An application can be downloaded from the Board of Election website.   The Secretary of State is also sending them out to each registered voter in early September.   Please complete this form, sign it and return it to the Board of Elections as soon as possible. You can either mail your application or drop it at the secure drop box at the Board of Elections.

On October 6, the beginning of early voting, the Board of Elections will begin to mail out ballots.   When you receive your ballot, fill it out, and return it to the Board of Elections as soon as possible.    You can return your ballot one of two ways, either by mail or you can drop it off at the Board of Elections in the drop box.   If you are returning it by mail, put two stamps on it and mail it in as soon as possible to avoid post office delays.

And here’s another advantage of mail-in voting – you can track your ballot!    Each ballot has a bar code and it’s scanned when it leaves the Board of Elections and is scanned when it is received by the Board of Elections.   Awesome, right?   You can track your ballot here.

And when voting by mail, here are a few things to double check

Make sure you sign your ballot envelope and provide ID information.

Do not remove the stub on the ballot, send it in completely.

Two stamps will be sufficient to cover postage.

If you’d like a complete primer on voting in Ohio, you can watch this video.

Remember, during this process, that elections are run by the state and things you read on line or hear on the news may not even be applicable to Ohio.     Always, if you have any questions, you can call the Board of Elections @ 513-887-3700, or the Butler County Democratic Headquarters @ 513-896-5201.   VOTE BLUE!!