How YOU Can Turn Butler Blue!

The Butler County Democratic Party is a grassroots organization made up of volunteers from local towns and communities.  No one affiliated with the party is a paid employee including the Chair, Officers, Regional Chairs, office volunteers, or anyone in any leadership position.  Everyone affiliated with our party are unpaid VOLUNTEERS

Our Party can only be strong and effective if many individuals feel passionate about our mission and take a step to volunteer.  And that’s where you can come in and help us turn Butler Blue! When you participate, you put hands and feet to that mission.

Whether you have just a few minutes or several hours to donate, there are multiple opportunities for you to get your feet wet and become a political activist.  Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Register to vote, get everyone you know registered and make sure everyone VOTES!   
  • Participate in voter registration events
  • Sign up for email updates from the BCDP
  • Follow the BCDP on social media and share our message
  • Volunteer for a BCDP committee or as a member of the office staff
  • Attend BCDP membership meetings
  • Distribute sample ballots at the polls during early voting or on Election Day
  • Attend local government meetings ie: city council, twp. trustee, or school board
  • Join a candidate’s campaign and:
    • Put a yard sign on your property to support a Democratic candidate
    • Distribute door hangers in a neighborhood literature drop
    • Host a house party 
    • Knock on doors during one of our election canvassing events
    • Help write postcards for Democratic candidates
  • Be a dues paying member that supports the party financially

Whether you want to just dangle your toes in the water or you are ready to jump in with both feet, your volunteer effort makes us stronger and helps us change the political landscape in our community.  Contact us for more information about any of these opportunities. Democrats work to make life better for every person. Together, we can turn Butler BLUE and usher in a brighter future for tomorrow!