Meet The Candidate: Kathy Wyenandt (4th Ohio Senate District)

Kathy Wyenandt (pronounced wine-it) is the Democratic candidate running for Ohio State Senate in the 4th District consisting of almost all of Butler County, Ohio.

Kathy Wyenandt has lived in Butler County and the 4th Senatorial District for 31 years. After she graduated from Fairfield High School in 1992, Kathy went to Miami University, where she majored in psychology and political science, and graduated in 1997.

Kathy and her husband Jim have four children: Abra 22, Caden 16, Emerson 12, and Reese 10, and two golden doodles: Ollie and Maple. They live in Liberty Township and own a small business in the logistics industry. Kathy’s business background is in sales and management, but she left the full-time corporate world after the birth of their 3rd child.

Kathy has served in many parent volunteer roles within the Lakota Local School District, and currently serves as a representative on the District Parent Council. She has been involved in local politics and served on several local campaigns over the last 12 years, and currently serves as the elected ‘Democratic Woman’ on the state Democratic central committee, representing the 4th senate district. Kathy serves on the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit (SORTA) Board of Trustees, representing Butler County, and served as a board member of the Butler County Board of Elections, until stepping down from that position to run for office herself.

In 2018, Kathy ran a very competitive race for the state house in Ohio’s 52nd district. She was one of the top 10 fundraisers in the Democratic field and grew the Democratic vote share by almost 17 points, outperforming up-ballot Democrats like Senator Sherrod Brown and the Democratic nominee for Governor, Richard Cordray.

Who is your political role model and why?

My political role model is Senator Sherrod Brown. I admire him because he is true to his values and fights for everyday people. Senator Brown truly puts people first — every single day.

Why are you running for this office?

I am running for the Ohio Senate because I am tired of self-serving career politicians who don’t fight for working families.

What qualifies you for this office?

I come from a corporate and management background and have a lot of experience in leadership. But what qualifies me the most is my volunteer service. From serving on the PTA to the school levy committee to the SORTA board, I work with people from different political backgrounds with diverse careers and backgrounds. We come together to roll up our sleeves and ge things done.

What are the most important issues facing the voters of this district?

At this moment, we are living in a global pandemic. The issues haven’t changed, but the magnitude has.

My top priorities are:

+ Making sure that healthcare isn’t a hassle. Our doctors ought to drive our helathcare decisions, not our insurance companies.

+ Making sure that we can get more people back to meaningful work, safely. If you work hard, you ought to be able to make ends meet and maybe even get ahead.

+ And fixing our broken school funding process and investing in public schools. Quality schools build a strong economy, and every student deserves the best education we can deliver.

Do you support workers’ rights? What is your position on so-called ‘Right To Work’ laws in Ohio?

I oppose so-calle ‘Right to Work’. When fewer members join a union or pay their fair share, ther are fewer resources available. This means that collective bargaining surffers, and as a result, wages are lowered and there are fewer workplace protections. Poverty will increase. With less money in the pockets of working families, the economy witll ultimately suffer.

In 2017, my opponent, Rep. George Lang was a West Chester Twp. Trustee. He worked to bring RTW to West Chester. I am proud to have worked behind the scenes with the state AFL-CIO and other allied groups to pack the township administration building and line up speakers opposing this move. We were ultimately successful at getting the motion tabled. ‘Right to Work’ is wrong.


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