President Biden and Senator Brown Visit Butler County

Friday afternoon, Sherrod Brown came to the area to speak to local Democrats and activists prior to attending President Biden’s speech in Hamilton at United Performance Metals. Butler County had several people in attendance, and we had a few moments to talk with Senator Brown prior to his speech at the IBEW Union Hall. 

Attendees included Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Purevel, several Hamilton County judicial candidates, and Butler County State Representative candidates Sam Lawrence and Chuck Horn. 

Brown commented on the purpose of the visit, saying “The President’s focus is on manufacturing. He understands this is not a political visit for him, it’s a government visit. But President Biden recognizes what’s happening in Hamilton County, what’s happened particularly in the North and Northeast of Hamilton County in Warren and Butler Counties. But what’s happening in Butler and Warren counties is going to change the state. We’re making real progress.” As he was recognizing candidates in the back of the room, he also joked that “that’s where Butler County used to sit. Now they’re at the front of the room!”

He spoke about Republican candidate J.D. Vance, who is from Butler County, and wants to position himself as a candidate who supports workers and is pro-Union, but stated that there’s no proof of that. On the other hand, Tim Ryan is someone who grew up in a working class family, son of a single mother, and someone who always puts workers at the center of his work. He understands trade unionism, and he understands what has happened in this country in terms of industrial jobs. 

Later in the afternoon, Senator Brown joined Senator Rob Portman and President Biden at United Performance Metals. He said “for the first time in decades, we have a president and an administration that understands the damage this corporate business model (sending manufacturing work overseas) has done to our state, this region and to the country. President Biden has committed to making more in America, and that’s why we’re here today.” President Biden is the most pro-worker, pro-Union, pro-manufacturing president in at least a generation.”

After a tour of the UPM facility, President Biden spoke to a small group of manufacturing and political leaders. He recognized both Senators Portman and Brown as people who care about the dignity of the worker, and thanked them for their work on the bipartisan infrastructure law. In his speech, Biden called for Congress to pass a bipartisan innovation and competition bill. The legislation is expected to include billions in subsidies for chip makers, as well as other industries in the U.S. to build out manufacturing capacity. “Pass the damn bill and send it to me,” Biden said. The crowd applauded loudly when he stated “That bridge if you really want to go to Kentucky is going to get better.”

He ended by saying that there is nothing beyond our capacity if we act as the United States of America.