Congressman Warren Davidson Should Resign from Office

Davidson’s baseless support for Trump’s coup is responsible for U.S. Capitol Occupation

(Hamilton) – Even in times when the world was at war or during America’s civil war, the joint session of Congress counting the legally cast ballots of the duly appointed and elected electors of the electoral college has never struggled to completion.  Until today.  And for no other reason than because public officials like Congressman Warren Davidson abused their public offices to lend validation to a baseless conspiracy theory attempting to explain away losing a fair, transparent, and thoroughly examined election.  The last two months, officials like Davidson have allowed Trump to slander election officials and vendors nationwide with completely unfounded conspiracy theories despite them being debunked over and over again.

Earlier this week, just days after taking an oath to support and defend the Constitution, Davidson announced he would oppose certifying the electoral college votes for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris with spurious claims about certain states violating the “one person, one vote” principle despite countless state and federal district, appellate, and supreme courts explicitly rejecting such arguments.

“Congressman Davidson knew these electoral challenges were in bad faith.  He even tried to excuse making them by claiming there was no real harm as he knew they would ultimately fail.  You can’t spend two months letting Trump and conservative media delude masses of militia types convincing them that Trump didn’t actually lose but falsely claim an election was stolen and telling them they need to take action to stop it and not see that these groups would respond violently.  By validating this mass delusion of known right wing agitators, it was foreseeable that Davidson’s actions would be a green light to today’s occupation and vandalism of Congress.  He has put his colleagues and staffers at an unnecessary risk and left a dark stain on our history today,” said Butler County Democratic Party Executive Committee Chair Brian Hester.  “He should publicly acknowledge his actions were reckless and irresponsible, immediately apologize to the American people for putting us through this and either resign or be expelled from Congress.  His need to pointlessly grandstand for a deluded political base has put this country and its commitment to democracy in danger.  He should be embarrassed.”

As an example of how ridiculous Congressman Davidson’s arguments against certifying the election are, Davidson cited the fact that voters in Pennsylvania were able to return absentee ballots by mail after election day and have them counted despite the fact that  every election Davidson has been in Ohio has allowed voters to have their absentee ballots counted if they are received with ten days after the election.  And yet he has not questioned Ohio’s electoral votes or his own elections.  He cited the fact that Nevada mailed absentee ballots to every active register voter as a basis to toss its electoral votes.  Yet that has been in the practice in other States such as Colorado and Washington, and Davidson has never challenged those electoral votes.

While Davidson believes he is “duty-bound to object to electors”, he is failing in his oath to support and defend the election, and as such should not be representing our District.